During this difficult Covid-19 outbreak, I am cooking &  delivering free nutritious meals to the elderly, vulnerable and those unable to leave their homes or access food for whatever reason (NHS staff who are not able to get to a stocked shop for example).

During this time, I have stopped all events catering and am instead providing free food to anyone who can’t feed themselves in London amid the Covid-19 outbreak. The scheme is currently being funded by 10% of The Plattery’s February profit & directly from my own pocket however, demand for the service is increasing as many people across the city need feeding and I need your help! I launched this scheme on the 24th of March and since then, I have been delivering about 20 meals a day and the list of people is growing faster than I can keep up with. 

Once the profit money runs out,  the scheme will not stop, but instead I will continue to fund the service out of my own pocket - I will not sit by while people go hungry - however, any donations to help me keep feeding people would be hugely welcome and helpful! As I currently have no income, any donation will also go towards petrol money for the deliveries & rent to ensure I can keep my kitchen space  - without a kitchen, I can't cook!

Please visit the link for my Go Fund Me page for more information and to donate!

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