Small feeds 1-2 / Medium feed 2-4 / Large feeds 4-6 / X-large feeds 10-12 (to be delivered to separate locations)




The picnic selection

Baked chicken goujons

Mini sausage rolls


The sandwich selection

Ham and cream cheese

Egg and cress


The cheese selection

Cheddar cheese & red Leicester chunks with crackers


The veggie selection

Organix puffed Carrot corns, cucumber rounds, carrot sticks & cherry tomatoes


The bakery selection

Chocolate chip cupcakes & rainbow cookies


The fruit selection

Grapes, satsumas, raspberries, strawberries, mini bananas & grapefruit wedges

The Kids Platter

  • Consume within two days of delivery

    Contains: nuts, treenuts, dairy, sulphites & gluten 

    Prepared in a kitchen that handles: sesame, soy

    Please let us know if you have any allergies


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London, England 


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